School Musical

 Marbletown PTA presents our 2019/20 musical:

PRESS START transports us inside the bright, pixelated world of video games! When the famous characters we know and love run out of lives, they decide to put on a musical fundraiser that will help them raise gold rings and play on. Through hilarious and heartfelt musical numbers we see the heroes, villains and sidekicks like we’ve never seen them before. But when things go terribly awry, it’s the quiet sidekick Little Mushroom who must find the hero within to help save the day!

Friday, March 13 @ 7 pm
Saturday, March 14 @ 7 pm

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• $6.25 advance online purchase ($5 + $1.25 Ticketleap service charge)
• $7 at the door

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Costume Design


Scene Design


PRESS START! by Denver Casado & Brian Dawson

Cast list

Young Adventurer: Wyatt Baker
Marco the Plumber: Maxwell Weber
Speedy the HedgeHog: Michael Sweeney
Megakid: Chloe Rose Carelli
Karate Guy: Daniel Rice
Karate Girl: Aubrie Chase
John Elway: Michael Burke

Maxwell Bowers (Sim character)
Madison Ellsworth (Racecar driver)
Quinn Emery (Dr. Mittens)
Gavin McArdle (Soccer Sam)
Clayton Ousterhoudt (Tennis player)
Mason Skillman (Ukulele Hero)
Adalee Zimmerman (astronaut)
Carter Cowburn (football player)
Adelaide Harty (Wii bowler)
Hayley Mason (baseball player)
Isabella Parete (fisherman)
Alila Andersen (Dance Revolution)
Charles Dimin (Tony Hawk)

Spikey Turtle: Owen Coonrod
Mad Scientist: Ella Striano
Evil Robot: Arianna Kraft
Slimy Alien: Abigail Jett
Generic Ghost: Audrey Wiebke
Zombie: Ciaran Drumm
Zombie: Cora Shaffer Sermini

Starrleigh Coffey (ghost)
Matthew Dennin (Diddy Kong)
Margaux McMillan (Flying Turtle)
Olivia Mood (wizard)
Aliah Razek (witch)
Gianni Rivera (creeper)
Kevin Roosa (pirate)
Luke Spencer (ghost)
Rhianna Taft (ghost)
Sienna Taft (ghost)
Caleigh-Raine Wilson (zombie)

Little Mushroom: Ella Scandariato
Lorenzo the Brother: Anthony Camacho
Helpful Dinosaur: Trace Baker
Fairy Guide: Isabella Porras Vargas
Fairy Guide: Olivia Wisneski
Paws the Fox: Luke Helm
K9: Catie Cole

Daphne Ortner (mini mushroom)
Lily Arnold (fairy)
Matthew Bresnahan (miner)
Elizabeth Geiger (frogger)
Lauren Hajba (miner)
Jack Helm (miner)
Hazel Lemister (cheerleader)
Lyla Mendez (fairy)
Michaela Miller (bunny)
Nicola Molino (miner)
Claudia Shea (Cooking Mama)
Anya Smith (Robin)

Princess Pomegranate: Lurah Baker
Pac Anne: Ksenia Mykula
Square Builder Eve: Levi Chapin
Angry Birdy: Nora Abramson
Guiseppe: Jack Holt

Stage Crew

Lurah Baker

Wyatt Baker
Aubrie Chase
Hazel Lemister
Hayley Mason
Margaux McMillan

Hunter Mulkowsky
Graham Newman
Daphne Ortner
Daniel Rice
Gianni Rivera

Cora Shaffer Sermini
Maxwell Weber

Audrey Wiebke
Maranda Williams
Caleigh Raine Wilson