PTA Committees

Listed below are the standing committees of the MES PTA. If you have any questions or would like to join a committee or volunteer for an event, please email the committee chair or the MES PTA president.

We would appreciate having your help!

Fundraising Committee 
The fundraising committee works hard to secure the resources for all of our PTA programs. Additionally, this committee provides guidance on standards for PTA fundraising, including selecting appropriate activities, seeking corporate sponsorship, and understanding the legal implications of fundraising.

Arts Committee

The arts committee is dedicated to providing arts education for our children. This committee oversees arts programming for the year, including arranging for local artists to come to into the school. In addition, the arts committee organizes the production of the school musical.

Enrichment Committee

The enrichment committee arranges educational assemblies for our children and coordinates all after-school clubs and activities.

Nominating Committee
The nominating committee is perhaps the most important of PTA committees. Elected by the members (usually early in the year), the nominating committee’s responsibility is to nominate one person for each office as listed in the bylaws. The nominating committee must work diligently to secure the best possible leaders for the PTA.

Membership Committee

The goal of the membership committee is to build an informed, active membership of parents, teachers, students and all citizens of the community who are familiar with the mission, purposes, policies and programs of both the New York State and National PTAs. The committee is responsible for collecting and tracking membership dues, distributing membership cards and encouraging online card activation and providing membership reports.

Budget & Finance Committee

The budget and finance committee has the responsibility for developing a budget for the PTA. This committee should consist of at least three members, with the treasurer as chair.

Health & Wellness Committee

The health & wellness committee ensures that parents and other members of the community are educated about the health needs of children and youth and how to meet those needs. In addition, the committee works to ensure adequate health and mental health services in the school, and that our children are taught to respect and care for themselves.

Garden Committee

The overall mission of the garden committee is to facilitate garden education at MES while creating an opportunity for experiential outdoor education.

Yearbook Committee

The annual MES yearbook illustrates the important part each child plays in the community of their school. This committee helps to plan, sell, design and distribute this annual keepsake.


4 thoughts on “PTA Committees

  1. MES PTA September 28, 2022 / 8:21 pm

    Yes we are. We are working out the details with the school and Carol who has set it up in the past.


  2. Robin September 27, 2022 / 12:25 pm

    Are you having the holiday craft fair in December 2022


  3. MES PTA January 24, 2022 / 9:05 am

    Hi Teresa,
    Could you please reach out to Vanessa @
    She can help with the club. We have talked about a garden club at several meetings.
    Thank you


  4. Teresa Marzec December 18, 2021 / 7:38 am

    Hi. I am a retired MES employee who would like to head a garden club and recruit a few adults to help. I helped with the garden originally 5 years ago. It was beautiful. I have been slowly weeding the garden and did a Christmas theme in there. I helped students plant one bed with garlic and another 1/2 bed with tulips and daffodils. The beds were neglected for 3 years. I cut most of the weeds by hand pulling them out and using my weed wacker . There is so much more that needs to be done. It will require adults who can do heavy weeding and lifting. It is beyond what a child should do at this point. But once it is done then the kids can get in there to work. I have purchased some soil, bulbs, and decorations. If the PTA can afford some much needed equipment and purchase 2 or 3 yards of garden soil I would put in the work along with help. I think we can make a garden that can be exciting, educational, relaxing, fragrant, and have the wow factor. I can meet with you or call someone to talk about what repairs are needed and what plants could be purchased/ donated. Some parents may be willing to donate things like adult garden tools, electric lawn mower, wood, plants, seeds, bulbs, ect.
    (You can ask Andy about me if you want more information)


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