School Musical Playbill Advertising

 Marbletown PTA presents our 2019/20 musical:

PRESS START transports us inside the bright, pixelated world of video games! When the famous characters we know and love run out of lives, they decide to put on a musical fundraiser that will help them raise gold rings and play on. Through hilarious and heartfelt musical numbers we see the heroes, villains and sidekicks like we’ve never seen them before. But when things go terribly awry, it’s the quiet sidekick Little Mushroom who must find the hero within to help save the day!


Dear Local Business Owner,

Our 2nd- and 3rd-graders at Marbletown Elementary are currently hard at work rehearsing for the annual school musical Press Start, to be performed for the community on March 13 & 14!

In an effort to offset production costs, the MES PTA is asking locally-owned businesses in our district to purchase playbill advertisements — and we hope you will participate this year!

We are selling full-page, 1/2-page and 1/4-page ads. The playbill ads will be in the hands of approximately 800 community members (400 per performance), not to mention the fact that they will be keepsakes for local families for years to come.

Below is a copy of the Price List with samples of the ad sizes for your perusal.


The deadline for camera-ready artwork submission via email to the address below is Monday, March 2, though artwork may be submitted any time before then.

A representative from the MES PTA will soon be in touch to follow up with you. In the meantime, if you have any questions please email PTA President Katy Weber

We truly appreciate your consideration and generosity in helping enhancing the lives of Marbletown Elementary students.

Thank you for being a champion for our children!