RVGA’s Hummus Day!

The Rondout Valley Growers Association is planning a hummus and local produce taste testing in the school cafeteria as part of their Farm to School Program.

The hummus demo and taste testing will be on Wednesday, October 28. They will be making hummus in one kindergarten and one 3rd grade class and then the entire kindergarten and 3rd grade classes will taste it during their lunch blocks!

Students from the classes who made the hummus will be ambassadors and hand out samples to their classmates. There will also be ballots for kids to fill out that will let us know how they like the hummus!

Volunteers: We need one parent in each class during the demo to take pictures and to help Chris VanDamm (the food service director, who will be making the hummus with the kids if he needs it). We could also use 2-4 parents for the tastings in the cafeteria.

If you’re able to volunteer, please email president@marbletownpta.com.

Here is the schedule:

  • Humus demo in Ms. O’Donnell’s kindergarten class from 10:45-11:15
  • Tasting during kindergarten lunch from 11:30-12
  • Hummus demo in Mrs. Bullock’s third grade class from 11:45-12:15
  • Tasting during third grade lunch from 1-1:30